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Last Will and Testament: The Benefits of Estate Planning

After I had an accident and had to spend some time in the hospital, I decided that it was time to make a will and do some estate planning. After all, you never know what is around the corner, and I would hate for a family member to miss out on inheriting from me if I were to suddenly pass away. I worked with a lawyer to draft a will. We then discussed the various ways I could arrange my estate. I had been worried that I wouldn’t understand the different legal terms, but my lawyer took the time to carefully explain them. I am now much happier knowing that everything is in place. I decided to set up this blog to offer tips to other people who are in the process of planning their estate.


Should I notify my employer about an injury sustained at the workplace?

9 December 2016
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When you suffer injuries or sustain an illness related to your place of work, there are obligations for both the employer and the employee. Ideally, you should notify your employer about your injury immediately. Read on for more insight. Why employees decide not to inform their employer Of course, the reasons are many but the major ones include: The employee not wanting to sit at home and miss work The employee assumes the injury is not serious and therefore, does not warrant notifying their employer Fear of being sacked The rights of an injured employee Read More …

Can Children Determine Who They Live with, Post Separation?

22 November 2016
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When two parents separate there can often be considerable discussions in relation to the well-being of the children. The parties need to agree on parental responsibilities, who is going to look after the children financially and crucially, where they're going to live. In determining the amount of time that the child may spend with each parent many factors are taken into consideration. However, should the views of the child itself be a determining factor? Read More …

2 Major Reasons to Hire Personal Injury Lawyers

30 December 2014
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There are numerous reasons why enlisting the services of personal injury lawyers can be quite beneficial to you. One thing to note though is that just by virtue of being involved in an auto accident does not necessarily mean that you need the services of a personal injury lawyer. If the car accident was minor and nobody was injured, then it would be redundant to hire one. However, in the event that you received some injuries due to no fault of yours, it is pertinent to seek legal counsel. Read More …