A Guide On Public Notaries

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A Guide On Public Notaries

28 September 2022
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Notary publics are individuals authorised to notarise documents. Most people do not comprehend the work of notary publics or how to find a notary public. Below is more information on notary publics in Australia. 

What Is a Notary Public's Scope of Work?

A notary public is a state officer sanctioned by the Supreme Court to administer oaths and witness documents. In Australia, notary publics are practicing lawyers who can perform the following duties; 

  • Witnessing and documents. For instance, you might need a professional to witness your will, a sworn statement, an affidavit or a promissory note.
  • Certifying official documents. For instance, you might need your certificates certified as original documents.
  • Administer oaths to people who wish to testify in public proceedings. People appointed or voted into public office might also need to take oaths to ensure they conduct their duties diligently.
  • Preparing official documents such as wills and power of attorney. Ideally, the notary public ensures that these documents meet the required legal criteria.
  • Verify documents to be used internationally. Typically, the notary public notarises or verifies documents before sending them to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade or consulates for further authentication. 

How Do You Find A Notary Public? 

When looking for a notary public, your primary concern should be their competence in providing the required services. Therefore, ensure that the professional has a practicing certificate and public notary training. The professional's experience would also come in handy. For instance, a notary public with several years of experience could have extensive knowledge of local regulations. 

How does the notary public relate to clients? In most cases, you will need critical information regarding the document you want to be witnessed. For instance, you might want to know the will execution process when notarising your will. The notary public should assess the paperwork and inform you whether it serves your interests. For example, you might need to amend the document to prevent will disputes once you die. In other cases, you might need the notary public to explain the security features of a document to protect yourself from fraud. The general principle is hiring a notary public who offers personalised services to clients. 

Contact the notary public and inquire about their pricing. The rule is to compare several quotes before making your decision. Your preferred notary public should have professional liability insurance. The coverage offers compensation if you suffer losses due to the notary public's negligence.  

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