Tips on How to Expedite Your Divorce Process

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Tips on How to Expedite Your Divorce Process

19 October 2018
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People get married to live happily ever after, but an unforeseen change in circumstances down the line can make them decide to part ways. If you are contemplating getting a divorce, you may be concerned about how long it will last and how much it will cost. While a divorce process can be lengthy and costly, there are various ways to expedite it and minimise its cost. 

Here are a few effective tips to follow to ensure you finalise your divorce within the shortest time possible, so you can start the new phase of life that awaits you.

Avoid litigation if you can 

Many people think that going to court is the only approach they can take to dissolve their marriage. These people are oblivious to the fact that there are alternative ways to end a marriage without necessarily stepping in court. Non-litigation approaches to ending a marriage include divorce mediation, collaborative divorce and cooperative divorce. These alternative approaches involve settling divorce matters amicably as opposed to arguing cases in a courtroom. Hence, they typically lead to a much quicker resolution of critical divorce issues, such as child custody and visitation right and distribution of marital property.

Be willing to give and take

For non-litigation methods of dissolving a marriage to work effectively, both you and your spouse sides should be willing to make some concessions and compromises. The stakes are high for both sides, so don't come to the discussion table with your mind fixated on having your way on all matters. This does not mean that you should get the short end of the stick – you simply have to give up something so that you can get something else that matters to you. That way, it will be a win-win situation for both sides. 

Hire an experienced divorce lawyer

As already mentioned earlier, litigation should be the last resort when it comes to getting a divorce. But if you and your spouse can't agree on any non-litigation approach and you are forced to go to court, hiring an experienced family law divorce lawyer will be critical to ensuring faster settlement of your divorce case.

An experienced divorce lawyer will know what to do to expedite your divorce, as they have previously handled other divorce cases on behalf of their clients. They will guide you through the technical parts of the divorce process while protecting your interests in the courtroom.