Three Ways To Have A Budget-Friendly Divorce

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Three Ways To Have A Budget-Friendly Divorce

10 August 2017
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No one wins in a divorce, but by the age of 53, 25% of married Australian women have been through a divorce. You already know that hiring a family lawyer is going to help you get through this difficult transition of your life, and they will certainly help to protect your interests while you split the family assets. However, did you know there are certain steps you can take to both help yourself and reduce the cost of receiving legal help? These three ideas are actions you can take to help your lawyer cost effectively help you.

Let It Go

When you are the injured party in a divorce, then it is human nature to want to get revenge. However, ongoing bickering about the small stuff in your home is only going to add up to extra billable hours at the lawyer's office.

Do you strongly want the silver cutlery set that was only ever used when company came around? Or, is this argument more about sticking it to your partner because he wants the forks for himself? For the smaller, less-important possessions, taking a "let-it-go" mentality will shorten the number of negotiations your lawyer and your exes lawyer need to have.

Keep A List

Some people reach out to their lawyer every time they have a thought or need reassurance. Family lawyers are wonderful listeners, and they will do everything legally necessary to protect your interests during the divorce proceedings. However, they're not therapists you should call because you are feeling lonely.

Make a list of all the thoughts and questions you have regarding your divorce, and pick a time once a week where you talk to your lawyer and raise all your concerns. By limiting yourself to one phone call per week, you won't be billed for a minimum period each time your lawyer has a short call with you.

Offer Help

Finally, explain to your lawyer in advance that you are on a budget. Offer to help as much as you are allowed to regarding your divorce. For example, can you write the letters to your exes lawyer and all your lawyer has to do is proofread them for relevance and correctness? The more preparation you are involved with, the less you are charged.

While self-representation may seem the cheapest way to get through a divorce, this does not give you the full protection that a family lawyer can. Instead, hire a family lawyer and use these tips to help remain within a budget that is acceptable to both you and your bank account.